(U.A.P) Usina da Alegria Planetária - The Planetary Happiness Factory - is an art platform that generates ideas, producing products and actions that aim to transform individuals and the way one relates to environment since 2008. Our creative process is based on the reuse of industrialized material, clothing, furniture, fabric... things that commonly are called waiste are giving an new life by deconstruction and human touch.

The hard core is a group of designers, architects, artists, performers, stylists, researchers, producers, educators. Located at the outskirts of São Paulo our shared workshop is a multi use space suited for combined purposes, visual arts, performing arts, classes, roundtables and residence. The participation of the comunnity that share their skills with the Planetary Happiness Factory is part of our production process that is focused on cooperation. Working collectively as well as individually our ideas are to be experienced in expositions, art installations, performances, film productions and workshops.

U.A.P. was born as a Terreiro’s deployment and currently develops and disseminates relevant actions in contemporary material culture, their production, consumption and disposal processes and its redefinition. This members perform the practice of contemporary “religare”. This is a group of artists practicing Candomblé, which uses art making in their rituals and gives his creative work like a kaleidoscope possibility of expression. This ritual art takes numerous forms, including dance and trance as a performative experiences.

Thus, our projects create strategies that inaugurate new sights and map new territories, building connections between materiality, performance and Candomblé. At the same time, continuity and group operating mode keeps in constant development platform around this eclectic field practices, asserting itself as experimental space and contemporary production discussion.